When you can’t feel individual keys on a touchscreen device it can be hard to type at speed. That is why Tactus, a company based in California, has developed technology which can turn a typical flat tablet screen into a real keyboard with bumpy buttons. The keyboard rises from the tablet when needed, before disappearing when...
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http://www.buildwithchrome.com/ Different building modes and new bricks to build whatever your imagination can dream up!
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More to this than you think ūüôā http://www.theflatteringman.com/
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Kaspersky Internet Security automatically protects you and your family at all times – whether you work, bank, shop or play online. Use the internet to its full potential without worrying about cybercrime. Kaspersky Internet Security also provides lots of new features and tools to customize your protection.
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Carbonite provides you with automatic, continual backup of your documents, photos, music and more, so you never have to worry about losing irreplaceable files.
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